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As a seller, we assure you that your property will receive the tailor-made and personalized attention with the marketing strategy that it deserves: Our listing and marketing team will ensure that your property is shown in its best light - and that it finds the right customer .

If you sell your property with Adam & Behrens S.L., this means that you will sell your property at a fair market price, and without any stress. Here are

15 good reasons to sell with Adam & Behrens

Sell as quickly as possible without dumping prices

  1. The Adam & Behrens family consists of real estate professionals with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Marina Alta on the Costa Blanca and its real estate market. In this way, we offer sellers a very good opportunity to optimally assess the current development.
  1. Since we are fluent in German, Spanish, English and French, we can offer a perfectly personalized service for customers of many different nationalities.
  1. We invest in extensive marketing on our website, in social media and real estate portals as well as in the print media, so that it will be almost impossible to overlook your property without it being “advertised to death”.
  1. We let your property appear in its absolute best light thanks to optimally prepared photos, individually tailored presentations and marketing strategies.
  1. We work with an extensive, international partner network that gives your property more visibility and increases the chances of a serious sale.
  1. Our company history, professionalism and above all the good experiences of our customers arouse the trust of the buyers.

Sell at the best possible price

  1. Thanks to professional market evaluations, which are based on the continuous collection of market data and experience data from us, befriended colleagues and notaries, your property is guaranteed to achieve the best, current market price.
  1. We do not allow your property to lose value due to excessive marketing or slow response time. We control marketing, monitor the number of interested parties and advise you on price adjustments and market placement.
  1. We advise you together with the asociated network and support you in all legal / bureaucratic matters that you have to take care of.

Enjoy a hassle-free sale

  1. Don't worry - after almost 35 years of work experience, there is really nothing we haven't seen or can't do for you.
  1. A tailor-made approach - do you have special requests or do you prefer a certain way of working? No problem - we adapt to your wishes and preferences.
  1. Avoid the risk of working with inexperienced one-man agencies.
  1. We accompany you during the entire sales process with honest, transparent advice in your interest. We handle all the work that is required and associated with the sale and offer you an "all-round carefree package".
  1. Empathy - A property sale is an emotional experience and each and every one of us understands what is going on inside you. Therefore, we will accompany you through the entire sales process with empathy, understanding and our experience.

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