New traffic rules in Spain

There have been changes to the speed limits in the urban area since May 11, 2021, where from now 30 kilometers per hour apply to all one-way streets and all streets with only one lane per direction of travel. With two or more lanes, a maximum of 50 km / h is allowed. Streets without curbs, which are on the same level as the pedestrian walkways, are given a limit of 20 kilometers per hour.

The maximum permitted speed on country roads is still 90 km / h, on expressways (Autovía) 100 km / h and on motorways (Autopista) 120 kilometers per hour.

It is also forbidden for motorcycles and cars to briefly exceed the permitted maximum speed when overtaking (in Spain up to 20 kilometers per hour). In accordance with new EU directives, this is no longer permitted, because it would result in “an increased risk of frontal collisions”, according to the Interior Ministry. Even if you have a dodgy man in front of you, don't let yourself be annoyed and enjoy the landscape. Because the punishments are tough. They are between € 100 and € 600.

This measure goes hand in hand with another program that the EU is also promoting: the creation of more pedestrian zones or so-called meeting areas, which should once again make city centers more attractive - also and especially for small Business.

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