Volkmar Wiczinowski, Business graduate

at Euro Fiscal Levante S.L.

About Volkmar Wiczinowski, Business graduate

  • Tax advisor and
  • Bachelor of Business Administration and Management

Mr. Wiczinowski studied business administration in Hamburg with a focus on international tax management and fiduciary auditing, then worked in an international auditing company and worked as a tax consultant for 10 years in his own practice in Hamburg. Languages: German, Spanish, English and Low German.

He has many years of experience in international tax law and moved to Spain in 1996. In his law firm, he is particularly entrusted with advising on questions of international tax law, handling real estate purchases and sales, establishing and advising companies under Spanish law and branches in Germany and Spain as well as business advice.

Mr. Wiczinowski is a member of the Colegio de Economistas Alicante and the Cámera de Comercio Alemana para España - German Chamber of Commerce for Spain.

His mostly multilingual employees guarantee client support in German, Spanish, Italian and English.

Ms. Cristina García Cuenca, employee of the company and also the managing director with sole power of representation, has completed studies in Spanish tax law and is a tax advisor under Spanish law as well as a sworn, publicly appointed real estate appraiser.  She speaks Spanish, Valencian, Italian and German.

Language: German, Spanish, English

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